Healthy hearing
without the hassle

Sorting out your hearing should be easy. Simple.

That’s why we created SHIFT.


3 reasons to choose SHIFT™

(We think it's Australia’s smartest hearing solution)

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It’s incredibly convenient.

No appointments, no worries! Look after your hearing online, in no time.

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It’s obscenely affordable.

Prefer to pay at your own pace? Own SHIFT in 5 easy payments of $360.

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It’s absolutely risk-free.

Hearing is personal. So if you don’t love SHIFT within 30 days, return it for a refund.

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Take charge of your hearing experience.

SHIFT is a life-enhancing hearing device that’s more than a clever amplifier. It works hand-in-hand with a smartphone app to give you total control over the way you hear. And, it packs industry-leading features into a sleek design that fits comfortably on your ear.

SHIFT makes the first step to better hearing easy. So go on: make the move.

Discover SHIFT

DIY setup and fine‑tuning
Bluetooth audio streaming
Rechargeable battery

It's never been easier to look after your hearing.

Order online

Order SHIFT online

Everything you need is shipped directly to your door.

Download the app

Download the app

Fine-tune your hearing experience with the SHIFT hearing app as your guide.

Optimise your sound

Optimise your sound

Set up SHIFT in a few simple steps and make optimisations on the go. 

Is SHIFT right for you?

Our Quick Hearing Check helps you determine if a SHIFT hearing aid would boost your listening experience.

SHIFT on iPhone

Control the sound around you.

SHIFT empowers you to hear just the way you want to—in every moment. Use the SHIFT hearing app for initial set-up, on-the-go optimisations, and easily accessible support.

Download the SHIFT hearing app
Get it on Google Play

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