This is the start of a global hearing shift

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This is the start of a global hearing shift

Buying hearing aids is often confusing, complicated, and expensive. We think it should be simple, faster, less stressful—more in line with the world we live in.

Healthcare is undergoing a once in a lifetime transformation. Did you imagine 15 years ago that your phone would become a medical device? Or that you’d be using a watch to count the steps you take each day?

Somehow, hearing care and hearing aid delivery has side-stepping this transformation. It's remained a constant for decades.

But now people are demanding change. A change that can’t come soon enough for the 1 in 6 Australian adults who need a hearing solution. Even today in 2019, only 20-30% of the people who need hearing aids actually own them.

That’s why we created SHIFT.

The current set-up isn’t working for everyone.

Most people wait 7 years before doing anything about their hearing loss. However, the impact on your personal health and wellbeing, and even your earning capacity is very real.

We now know that treating hearing loss early is linked to a lower risk of early-onset dementia.

But the cost of investing in hearing aids and the hassle of visiting a clinic leaves most of us flat-out uninterested in getting help.

Even in Australia, only a few companies, like Blamey Saunders hears, offer an alternative to the traditional hearing aid industry set up.

Meanwhile over in America, a federal law passed directing the U.S. Food And Drug Administration (FDA) to reduce the barriers to better hearing.

Right now, cross-industry companies are racing to produce 'over-the-counter' or ‘direct-to-consumer’ hearing aids. That means American consumers will soon be able to buy, set up, and make adjustments to their hearing aids without visiting a specialist. They'll be able to help themselves to better hearing — in a pharmacy, in a Walmart, online.

It’s a change that promises to reduce the hassles associated with buying hearing aids. And the costs.

SHIFT is leading the change.

SHIFT is an over-the-counter hearing device in the truest sense—you can only order it online. It’s ‘self-fit’ which means you don’t need to visit a clinician to set it up. Instead, it pairs with a smartphone app so you can set it up yourself and make easy enhancements to suit any environment.

SHIFT addresses the pain points associated with purchasing hearing aids the traditional way: the high cost of devices and the inconvenience of repeat visits to a clinic for hearing tests and ongoing setting adjustments.

The SHIFT mission is simple: to keep as people as possible active, engaged, and independent.


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