Is your hearing 'bad enough' for hearing aids?

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Is your hearing 'bad enough' for hearing aids?

Most of us ask this question hoping we’ll hear: “Of course not, not you—not yet!”

And that’s understandable. But—to put it bluntly, your hearing is bad enough for hearing aids when you start to have trouble hearing.

  • When it starts to feel like more and more people are mumbling.
  • When it starts interfering with the moments you want and need to hear.
  • When you start skipping social events and withdrawing from loved ones.

Plus, multiple research studies show that getting hearing aids early on—as soon as you start to notice yourself straining — is linked to:

  • Less risk of early-onset cognitive decline and other nasty side-effects
  • Less noticeable tinnitus symptoms
  • More earning power

Sorting out your hearing quickly positively impacts every aspect of your life – your relationships, your employment, your physical and mental health.

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